I'm CJ, the blogger, recipe developer and photographer behind The Heavenly Bakes. I'm based in Malta, a little island located in Europe - close to Italy! I have loved creating new recipes ever since I can remember. Now I'm finally taking the opportunity to start my own business in this industry and create healthy, hearty, wholesome meals and desserts for everyone.

What you can expect to see in The Heavenly Bakes

You will find tons of recipes that are free from common allergies, suiting those that are gluten-free and dairy-free for example. You will also find many recipes that are vegan and vegeterian friendly.

I always try to keep my recipes as simple as possible so that anyone can have a go at them. Baking and cooking may seem intimidating to some but I believe that with practice and patience, anyone can manage to do incredible things.

Feel free to contact me for advice or any questions you may have. I love answering any queries you might have! Thank you for following along and helping me persue my dreams as a food blogger 🙂

Want to work with me?

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I work through:
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